Hey Therapist! Trying to increase your income and extend your impact?

Adding more clients isn't  

he answer.

If you want longevity

in your career AND more freedom in your schedule, you're in the right place.

Even if you're booked up and burnt out and feel like you have nothing left to give.

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The Thriving Therapist Program

You went to school to become an amazing therapist who helps help people overcome their obstacles and heal to live the life they desire. 

In doing so, you've created a business that suits THEM better than it suits YOU. 

Where's the flexibility? 

Where's the profitability? 

What is the next evolution of your business? 

How can you increase your impact in your field without being shackled to your schedule?

You're in one of the most highly-educated well-respected fields available, and yet it's working against you.

 It's time to shift the script.

This Is What Your Business Could Look Like...

CREATE space in your schedule to enjoy what you do again

BUILD a business that allows you to finally take time off without losing money

DESIGN multi-level passive income streams that are aligned with your goals and desires

INCREASE your impact and position yourself as a thought leader in your field

LEVERAGE your education and credentials in a new way

GROW your revenue without increasing your workload


Name, Title

Thriving Therapist: The 3 step framework YOU NEED To Scale Your Business, and triple your income and impact. 

what you'll learn & What You Get inside The Thriving Therapist:

The "Thera-preneur's Mindset"

Step into the CEO role with a fresh entrepreneurial mindset and envision the next evolution of your business. 

 6-Figure Year Framework 

Design a multi-level custom product suite that's aligned with your skills and your goals.

Sales & Conversion Training

Learn the art of the sale and how to create new clients. 

Branding & Marketing

Online and offline strategies for standing out in your niche and attracting them to your offer.

Become The Featured Expert

Become the go-to authority in your niche and get featured in major media outlets with a customized PR pitch.

Lifetime Access To Digital Thriving Therapist Course Materials

Lifetime access to the private Facebook group for ongoing support and feedback 

$4,900 Value!

Plus This Bonus:

How To Get Your Tech Stack Up and Running

$250 VALUE

An over-the-shoulder look at all the platforms, software, and tactics I use every day.

Get access to it ALL for $997 today OR
3 payments of $397!

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Hi! I’m Dr. Christie! 

AKA: The Date doctor

Psychotherapist, Business Coach, and Thriving Therapreneur.

I spent 10 years in the 1:1 therapy space building a solid and reputable practice. I was booked up, burnt out, and burdened by my business. 

I knew I'd eventually hit the cap on my time and energy output... which meant I could only help so many people. 

If adding more clients was the only way to increase my income and impact, everything I'd worked for was no longer sustainable.

I had to shift my business model to fit my life and my goals, not the other way around. 

I transitioned my practice into a group program, began taking speaking gigs, and developed a passive income product suite to create a business aligned with what I wanted most: more freedom in my schedule + greater breadth of impact + more money in the bank.

No. All of your education, certifications, and degrees aren't wasted. They made you the expert you are!

You just need to leverage them in a new way.

I've NEVER regretted my masters, my doctorate, my certifications, my licensing, or the THOUSANDS of hours of clinical work I had to put in over the years. 

As professionals, we pursue education in order to give ourselves more opportunities. But the letters behind our name become a box that limits our income and impact potential.  

What got you where you are now isn't going to get you where you're going next. 

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Ready To Grow Your Income Without Increasing Your Workload?

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The Thriving Therapist Program IS FOR YOU IF:

You have a successful therapy or counseling practice...

You already know your current business model of 1:1 sessions isn't sustainable...

You don't want your credentials to limit your earning and impact potential...

You crave more freedom in your schedule and more opportunities to be creative...

You're ambitious and driven and ready for your next big thing...

You're ready to invest in a sustainable, scalable business model that generates passive income...

You have no idea how to do any of this...

Getting more clients isn't the answer. Shifting WHAT services you offer + HOW you deliver them IS.

Even if you're so busy you feel like you can't add another thing...

Even if you're fearful of disrupting your business and you've never done anything like this before...

Even if you're worried about negatively impacting the quality of your services...

Even if your other "mentors" (who DON'T have passive income streams) think you're about to make a horrible mistake...

You CAN Be A Thriving Therapist! And I Can Help!

Get access to The Thriving Therapist Program for $997 today OR 3 payments of $397!

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You don't need another degree. 

You don't need to join a group practice to get new clients. 

You don't need to pay for more expensive office space. 

And you certainly don't need to add more sessions to your schedule. 

Build an aligned Brand. Develop Your passive Product suite. Be Seen As The Expert.

The Thriving Therapist Program helps you grow beyond where your existing practice and where a standard business model can take you. 

CREATE space in your schedule to enjoy what you do again

BUILD a business that allows you to finally take time off without losing money

DESIGN multi-level passive income streams that are aligned with your goals and desires

INCREASE your impact and position yourself as a thought leader in your field

LEVERAGE your education and credentials in a new way

GROW your revenue without increasing your workload

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Frequently Asked Questions about Thriving Therapist Program

Q: What are your qualifications, Dr. Christie?

A: I'm what's known as a "Triple Trojan," having earned my Bachelor's, Master's, and doctoral degrees from the University of Southern California in Organizational Psychology, Leadership, and Marriage and Family Therapy. I started out as a psychotherapist and scaled my practice from a 1:1 operation to a multi-6-figure brand with a scalable business model within 1 year And I've helped hundreds of therapists do the same! 

Q: How long will this program take?

A: There are 5 modules in the course, plus 1 bonus module, and each lesson with the modules is roughly 30 minutes or less. You will get access to Q&A and be able to get direct feedback for any questions you have. 

Q: My plate is already full. Does this require a whole new skillset?

A: Not necessarily, but it does require a whole new mindset. In order to fully step into your role as the CEO of your brand, there are a few things that will need to shift. However, there are no new certifications, tests, or required hours. 

They're all simple tasks anyone familiar with the internet can do. In the bonus module, I'll give you an over-the-shoulder look at my entire tech stack so there's no need to be overwhelmed by the tech.

Q: If I follow the program and change my business model, then what? What happens afterward?

A: This isn't just a "what to do" course. This is the what, the how, the support and community you need to actually make it happen and make it effective. If you're a self-starter, this is the path to a multi-6 figure year without adding more clients to your roster.

More questions about Thriving Therapist? Let me know!

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Start planning the next evolution of your business - of your life - before you hit the ceiling of your earning and impact potential. 

The letters behind your name don't have to be a limiting box. 

Let them be an opportunity to leverage what you know into something that lets you do more of what you love - and earn more income in the process. 

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