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For Love & Dating

You’ve realized that dating apps aren’t a magic potion, and you’re ready to find Mr. Right but you can’t figure out what’s going wrong. 

What are you doing wrong?

You've been on enough dates to know it's not “that easy.” You want to see an end to the dating app rollercoaster; it's just not what you're looking for. 

Where is “the one” for you?

Are your standards really that unrealistic? Or is there a practical strategy to dating that you just haven't discovered yet?

You’re an intelligent, high achieving woman.

Are you ready to “Find The One”?


to finding your

You're in luck! Dr. Christie can help you go from single lady

You genuinely care about people. You serve and help them, day in and day out. There's so much value in what you do! Why doesn't your bank account reflect that same value? 

Why are you still stuck in the trading time for money cycle, seeing too many clients a day but still not able to live the life you thought you were building?  

Isn't your business supposed to work FOR you, not against you?

What you desire is to create an impact and income in another way.

Increase Your Impact And Income. Scale to Six Figures And Beyond!

For A Thriving Therapy Business

You CAN truly thrive in your craft.

Dr. Christie provides a concrete blueprint for precisely how to create a digital, passive income therapy business that stems naturally from your existing offerings. Unlike other “programs”, she also teaches the practical application and implementation of your passive income solution. You will walk away with a CUSTOMIZED business plan, framework and marketing plan that incorporates the proper tools for increasing income, making an impact, and laying the foundation for a solid legacy.

As the owner of a multi-six-figure digital therapy+ business, Dr. Christie thrives through her comprehensive understanding of the human experience. Dr. Christie believes that anyone can live a successful life in love and business, it all starts within! 

Through strategic action, a good idea becomes a plan for success! As a therapist herself, Dr. Christie helps therapists like you create and scale a digital coaching business online. Her methods effectively avoid the tedious overwhelm and burnout that so often plague therapists, making their private practice unsustainable.

Dr. Christie can help your therapy business get away from feeling stuck and struggling to be empowered and innovative!

Say No to the Hustle!

Dr. Christie is a internationally renowned Organizational Psychologist, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, former eHarmony Matchmaker turned love “doctor” Speaker for the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.. She earned her Bachelor's, Master's, and doctoral degrees from the University of Southern California in Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy.

Dr. Christie has helped thousands of people create lives & businesses they love and find love they deserve. Dr. Christie has been a featured expert in ABC, NBC, KTLA, the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Cosmopolitan, NBC News, and more.    

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As a former eHarmony matchmaker-turned-LOVE doctor, Dr. Christie takes great pride in the recognition of the work she does and the impact it has on the individuals she is able to help.


Backed by research as a former professional matchmaker for eHarmony & Therapist, We will help you go from single to finding your soulmate through learning the soulwork and strategy it takes to find the one!

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