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Dr. Christie’s impressive academic achievements combined with her extensive professional experience as a matchmaker and relationship expert qualifies her to hold a unique platform in the field of relationships. 

Dr. Christie’s lives in her purpose supporting clients, helping them reach their goals and dreams, and encouraging their individual growth.

As a dating coach, she works with ambitious, driven women who are disappointed in their love lives and ready to try a research-backed methodology to find love. They want to find the “right one” but are sick of the endless cycle of being ghosted or gaslit. 

Her expertise in the field of intentional dating and successful relationships is built on her unique ability to streamline the dating process and help you zero in on finding “the one” for you! 

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Since she hung out her shingle as a psychotherapist, Dr. Christie has built a hugely successful multiple six-figure business with a critical passive income element. This has allowed her to stop the overwhelm and burnout that so many therapists experience as they give so much of themselves to their clients but don’t feel they have enough to show for it. 

She understands the experience of the struggling therapist, looking for more freedom in their business. In her “Thriving Therapist” program, she walks her students through creating an alternate business to increase their impact and income while decreasing their burnout and hours worked. 

The Thriving Therapist Program

Dr. Christie also runs a multi-six-figure digital therapy business where she provides her clients with the tools they need to thrive in love, relationships, and business. 


With a successful career as a professional matchmaker and relationship expert for eHarmony and a affiliate company, Dr. Christie has helped thousands of people create lives they love and find the love they deserve. 


Through dedicated study, Dr. Christie earned her Bachelor's, Master's, and doctoral degrees from the University of Southern California in Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy, making her a “Triple Trojan!” 


A brief look at Dr. Christie’s life’s work makes it easy to see why she brings inspiration to so many. Her passion for successful, driven women fuels her proven ability to help them create the life they love and find the love they deserve.

An inspiration to many