Love You Deserve

Is Not

Impossible To Find.

You Just Need To Implement The

Soulwork + Strategy

That's Aligned

With Who You 

Are &

What You

Truly Want.

(Even if you've tried it all before and don't have time to waste playing the typical dating game.)

Welcome To 

Find The One

With Dr. Christie Kederian

NO, you don't need to...

But you DO Need To...

  • Download all the dating apps
  • Get sucked into mind-numbing and fruitless swiping
  • Go on more first dates with one-date washouts
  • Shift your mindset to attract the right person.
  • Create the right strategy 
  • Have a system to spot red flags, and progress from your first date to your soulmate! 

It's time to find the love you deserve on your own terms.

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It's time to stop guessing and giving up on love. 

And downloading yet another app is just a new game of "Go Fish." 

Find The One is like having an expert friend and coach in your pocket with you, helping you learn how to fish.

Pursue the person you need to BE and the person you want to BE WITH.

Start with an aligned process and effective strategies. 

Get off the dating merry-go-round and get inside. Find The One. 

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