Love You Deserve

Is Not

Impossible To Find.

You Just Need To Implement The

Soulwork + Strategy

That's Aligned

With Who You 

Are &

What You

Truly Want.

(Even if you've tried it all before and don't have time to waste playing the typical dating game.)

Welcome To 

Find The One

With Dr. Christie Kederian

NO, you don't need to...

But you DO Need To...

  • Download all the dating apps
  • Get sucked into mind-numbing and fruitless swiping
  • Go on more first dates with one-date washouts
  • Shift your mindset to attract the right person.
  • Create the right strategy 
  • Have a system to spot red flags, and progress from your first date to your soulmate! 

It's time to find the love you deserve on your own terms.

It's time to stop settling for JUST ANYONE and start pursuing a genuine connection with THE ONE.

What If Your Dating Journey Could Look Like This...

BECOME the one you need to BE to find the one you want to BE WITH through essential inner soul work

FALL in love with your own life, ready to pursue what you truly desire

NAVIGATE the modern dating scene with confidence, armed with proven and effective strategies

LEARN how to put your best for forward, in person and online

STOP wasting time with one-date washouts

FIND and meet your perfect-match partner

"This course is a great resource for laying the foundation for healthy dating. It helps you know what you want and what to look for so you don't enter a relationship that's not a good fit for you. I wish I had
this course 15 years ago!

I didn't expect to gain so much knowledge and confidence in such a short of period. This is the difference between having individualized coaching vs. listening to podcasts/reading books."

Lisa, Healthcare Professional, 39 years old.

Find The One: 
THE Dating Methodology YOU NEED TO Finally Find The Love Of Your Life 

what you'll learn & What You Get inside Find The One:

DISCOVER your customized dating blueprint for dating strategies, both online and offline.

LEARN how to deconstruct and re-evaluate your messages on all dating apps

RE-CREATE your dating profiles to authentically connect with the right matches.

RECEIVE lifetime access to self-paced online course content & Dr. Christie's methodology.

 GET lifetime access to a private Facebook community for support and feedback.

JOIN Dr. Christie's VIP community on weekly coaching calls for group training and support + unlimited Voxer support.

Mindset Mastery

Gain a deeper understanding of who you are and what you're looking for to develop your custom "matching blueprint."

An Aligned Matching Process

Create your "criteria sandwich, choose the best app for you, perfect your profile, and learn how to integrate dating into your life. 

Mindset Mastery

How to navigate the meet-up, first dates, red flags, and the "soulmate or date" paradox.

Exactly What Steps To Take Moving Forward

Dr. Christie's best tips for keeping up the momentum and staying focused,

$3,500 Value!

VIP $7k Value!

Plus, As A Bonus, You'll Get:

Helpful Questions For Each Dating Stage

$350 Value 

These helpful questions to ask on dates are stage-appropriate and ensure you're not wasting your time with the wrong person.  

Realistic + Effective Offline Dating Strategies

$400 Value 

If you prefer meeting the one off the apps, or want to supplement your online strategies, these viable offline dating tactics were designed for you!

3 Powerful Bonus Modules

$350 Value 

  • Attachment Style Live Training
  • How To Get Over Your Ex and Be Single In Your Mind
  • 10 Dates To Soulmate Roadmap

Get Access To All Of This For Only $997 OR 3 Payments of $397!

OR Apply for VIP 
Access To Dr. Christie's Team

Hi! I’m Dr. Christie! (AKA The Date Doctor)

Psychotherapist, Relationship Expert,
Dating Coach, and Entrepreneur.

I spent YEARS in the dating space as a therapist, dating consultant and celebrity matchmaker for some of the biggest names in the game. (eHarmony,, etc.)

I've helped THOUSANDS of people break through mental and emotional blocks, become their own best match, and Find The One they want to be with.

"I need this to work. How do I know this process will be better than other "programs" I've seen or strategies I've tried?"

I've been a therapist, professional matchmaker, and dating coach for over 10 years, and I've been single myself. I know all the pitfalls and challenges of the modern dating scene. I've even been in them myself. 

The last thing you need is another shiny new app or well-meaning but terrible advice from a stranger on the internet or a clueless relative. You don't have to waste your time and energy. This isn't that.

Find The One is a research-back, proven method and unique experience where you're guided by my expertise through a personal transformational process designed to help you navigate your love life and find the right person for you.

A Peek Inside Find The One & The Dating Blueprint

See What Find The One Alumni Have To Say About Their Experience:

As Seen In:

Ready To Enjoy Life With Your Best Match?

Find The One Is For YOU If:

You've tried every app and service on the market with devastating results...

You're exhausted from the endless cycle of disconnected, one-date-washouts that end in disappointment...

You're discouraged about being single and are eager to enjoy life with a partner...

You know you have some inner soul work to do to get ready to BE and FIND the one...

You don't have time to waste on something that won't work...

Leverage a clear path & take actionable steps to help you Find The One!

Even if you're not entirely sure what you want...

Even if your past has held you back before...

Even if you're career-oriented and ambitious...

Even if you think your location will impact your options (HINT: It won't!)...

Even if your schedule is packed with work, family, and other obligations that you don't feel you have time for dating...

Even if you'd rather stick to traditional dating methods...

You CAN Find The One! And I Can Help!

Get access to Find The One for $997 today OR book a call with our team to learn about the exclusive VIP offer!

It's time to stop settling for JUST ANYONE and start pursuing a genuine connection with THE ONE.

It's time to take strategic actions to realize the results you want.

Together with your custom dating strategy and my proven transformation-driven approach, we'll design your unique dating blueprint. 

Armed with practical skills and a whole new perspective, you CAN easily navigate the dating scene and finally fall in love with your life and find your forever partner.

Go Find Your Person

Find The One will help you do it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Find The One

Q: How long does the course take?

A: The self-paced materials can be completed in your own time and contains everything you need to start taking intentional and strategic actions to Find The One. You also will have lifetime access! 

Q: What is the success rate of Find The One?

A: 95% of clients recommend the Find the One program to a friend. 100% of clients report learning something they didn't know about dating that helped them be more successful. 86% of clients go on 3 or more dates with someone they saw a potential future with during the program... and we've had many long-term happy relationships, engagements, and LOTS of confidence built and has 

Q: How much of the program is dedicated to self-work vs. practical dating strategies?

A: The second of seven modules is dedicated to helping you become who you need to be to attract The One. The self-work within the course is designed to make the dating strategies more aligned and effective. It's critical to view them as a whole entity.

Q: What happens on the weekly calls?

A: On weekly group calls with the team we'll share supplemental educational material that's not found in the course, answer your burning questions, provide live coaching and walk through your potential matches with you and answer any questions you have throughout the dating process. 

Q: What happens on the weekly calls?

A: Yes! Based on your specific goals and personality, we will help you determine what one or two apps will be the most effective for you.

More Questions About Find The One? Let Me Know Below!

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It's time to stop guessing and giving up on love. 

And downloading yet another app is just a new game of "Go Fish." 

Find The One is like having an expert friend and coach in your pocket with you, helping you learn how to fish.

Pursue the person you need to BE and the person you want to BE WITH.

Start with an aligned process and effective strategies. 

Get off the dating merry-go-round and get inside. Find The One. 

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